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Password Help

mHUB is now LIVE

On December 28, 2020, the mHUB Service Center replaceD the 4myHR Service Center. For help with the new portal please call the mHUB service center at 1-833-900-6482.



Please visit Password Challenge, or click the link below
Enrolling in Password Challenge:

Once you are on password challenge, enter in your EID. The website should look like the below screenshot:










  • Enter your EID and select continue

  • The next screen will have three buttons to click. Please select "RESET"

  • Answer the security questions you have set up and enter in your new password!

After you get confirmation that you have successfully changed your password you are now ready to log in through MGS 



If you have entered your EID and see the below screen:




This means you have either:

  • Locked yourself out Completely and therefore have to call The mHUB Service Desk (833) 900-6482

  • Mistyped your EID (This is often the issue, please double check the spelling of your EID)

  • Let your Password Expire

Password Challenge.PNG
Password Challenge-Enroll.PNG
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