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Ladies and Gentlemen,


Good morning.  It wouldn’t be 2020 if we didn’t have something else thrown in our direction.  I know you have all been watching the news regarding Tropical Storm ETA.  The hotel has prepared its areas for the storm and are monitoring any changes in the path.  If there are any changes to your schedule your manager will contact you as occupancy levels could change.  At this time the current groups that are scheduled to arrive over the next few days are still planning on coming to the resort. 


We have made some adjustments to the Food and Beverage options see below for updates:  Below information only reflect the changes, refer to matrix for regular hours of operation.






Poolside Café Closed

Terrazza will stay OPEN for lunch

In-Room Dining will stay OPEN for lunch

Gumbo TBD, but as of right now regular operating hours

Gourmet Shop OPEN until 2pm


We will let you know about any changes to the matrix for Tuesday.


PARKING:  Should the walkway from the employee garage become flooded, lot 2 garage will be available for you


EMPLOYEE ENTRANCE:  Loss Prevention will be monitoring the employee entrance.  Should this area become flooded than they will put cones up by the main entrance of the resort to alert you.  If this is the case you will use one of  Vanderbilt ballroom entrances which will be identified to you.  You will still be required to check in and check out with Loss Prevention. 


Please look for updates as most likely this will change again before end of day.



Jon McGaunn

Hotel Manager

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