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Unemployment Information and                FAQ's   Updated 5/8/20

 We know the unemployment process has been challenging, frustrating, and disappointing to say the least.   We have had multiple calls and consultations with our corporate leaders and Equifax, our third party partner who helps us with unemployment.


What we have learned is that each case is different, and as such; the steps to take regarding appealing and/or reapplying will be unique to each individual.  Therefore, we don’t have a recommendation that will be applicable to all.  We understand that determinations for denied claims will be mailed and appeals must be filed within 20 days.  We have heard that some employees were told they had the wrong Tax ID; however, we know of employees who have received unemployment benefits using the Employer’s ID from the W2 form. 


Below is the information that you can reference when applying, appealing or reapplying:

Ritz Carlton Hotel Company LLC / FEIN 58-2168815 / RT # 1514107

Additionally, if you applied through the mobile app or need to apply for past weeks, please see the guidance below:

  • If you filed using this new website ( and have a claimant number that begins with the letter "C," please ensure that you are checking your spam/junk folder because a lot of people are missing an email from the DEO that is going to instruct you on how to log in to the CONNECT website for the first time once your application has populated in the site, set up their pin for the first time, enter direct deposit info, and view their eligibility determination.

  • If someone was unable to apply for past weeks, they can use this link to claim those weeks.  Do not use Internet Explorer use Firefox

The FAQ’s for claimants is updated daily on the DEO website and it has been shared that this is the best source of new information for claimants to review. If we receive more information regarding Unemployment claims, we will let you know right away.

COVID-19 Antibody Testing 

Naples Urgent Care on Immokalee Road is conducting Antibody tests in your system to measure the levels of D-19 antibodies in the patients system. If you test positive for antibodies it means that you were already infected and recovered form the virus and developed some level of immunity to the disease. If you have the hotel's insurance, this location takes our health insurance plan.

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