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The Ritz-Carlton Standards For

Professional Appearance

It is important that employees present a professional, well groomed appearance at all times. While fads and fashion trends may be appropriate outside of work, the appearance of each employee contributes to the guest's impression of the property and the reputation of the entire company. The appearance standards for The Ritz-Carlton are as follows:

The Ritz-Carlton Standards For

Professional Appearance

It is important that employees present a professional, well groomed appearance at all times. While fads and fashion trends may be appropriate outside of work, the appearance of each employee contributes to the guest's impression of the property and the reputation of the entire company. The appearance standards for The Ritz-Carlton are as follows:


Keep fingernails neatly trimmed and moderate in length (no longer than 0.5 inch beyond the finger tip). Ladies may wear professional-looking nail polish. Polish must be maintained, with no chips. Fingernail jewelry and decorative nails are not allowed. Food handlers may not wear nail polish.


Tattoos are allowed on the legs, ankles, arms, and feet.

Clothing or makeup covering must be worn to cover tattoos that exceed size limitations; contain non-permitted content (may not be offensive or contain nudity, profanity or racial connotations)

Tattoos are not permitted on the face, neck, hands or fingers.

One tattoo per extremity is permitted, (they must be smaller that 3x3 inches) with a limit of three tattoos total.

Body piercings and facial ornaments, including jewelry, must not be visible.

Name Tags


You are issued a name tag, which is part of our dress standard and should be worn at all times. Wear your name tag on the left side approximately 2-3 inches or 7.5 centimeters below your collarbone. Individual decorations are not permitted on your name tag.

Personal items


Please do not carry large objects on you as they are to be kept in your locker.

Personal Hygiene


Pay special attention to your daily personal hygiene: brush your teeth, use deodorant, keep your hair clean and shiny, bathe, etc. If you use perfume or cologne, use in moderation.


Makeup should be professional and tastefully applied, avoid extreme shades and color.

uniformed attire

Employees who require a uniform are issued two, which are cleaned and maintained by the property at no expense to the employee. Uniforms are issued by the Laundry/Valet Department. Employees receive a clean uniform each day, provided a soiled one is turned in; a one-for-one exchange. Please care for these uniforms as you would your own clothing. Repeated loss or extensive damage to a uniform could result in

disciplinary action.


As part of the uniform standard, employees must furnish their own shoes. Your manager will advise you of the special footwear standards for your work area. Please note, with the exception of kitchen employees, no clogs or mules are allowed. For your safety it is very important to follow the standards established in the department.


As part of the uniform standards ladies are required to wear hosiery at all times; in some instances, hosiery color is specified. Choose hosiery that is closest to your skin tone or a color that is well coordinated with your attire. Opaque tights in neutral tones (black, brown, cream, or navy) are acceptable. Gentlemen are required to wear socks and should coordinate sock color with their attire. Extreme colors or patterned styles are unacceptable. Please check with your manager for the color standard in your department.

non-uniformed attire

Employees not required to wear a uniform are expected to dress

in appropriate business attire, reflecting the tradition of elegance and a professional business atmosphere. In keeping with these standards, we offer the following guidelines for clarification:


A skirted suit, pant suit, skirt and blouse or professional dress are appropriate. Short or 3/4 length sleeve suits are acceptable as well. Acceptable skirt/dress length is no more than two inches (2”) or 5 centimeters above the top of the knee. Full-length tailored pants are acceptable as part of a suit or with a coordinating jacket or professional top. Skirts may also be worn with a matching sweater set. Dress scarves may be worn with attire. Sleeveless Dresses are permitted.

Casual, evening style, strapless, backless or sundresses are not appropriate. Split skirts, skorts, leggings or stirrups are also not acceptable. In addition no sports clothes, denim jeans, palazzo pants, capri pants, gaucho or culottes are permitted. Faddish or sheer attire is not appropriate at The Ritz-Carlton.


Professional shoes are required. No extreme shoe styles such as sandals, thongs, platform shoes, clogs, mules nor

moccasins are allowed. Sling-back, open-side and open toe  pumps are permitted for ladies. Boots are acceptable footwear, however must be solid in color (black, brown, natural), conservative in style and without ornamentation. Western boots or extra thick soled boots are not permitted.


Gentlemen are required to wear suits; conservative colors only. Shirts must have a collar however a tie is optional. A blazer/sport jacket with a golf shirt, muted tropical or tone-on-tone prints and slacks are acceptable.


Lace-up or Slip-on styles are acceptable, socks and shoes should coordinate with attire, shoes need to be neutral color. Belt must coordinate with shoes.



Hosiery is optional and opaque tights are permitted. Extreme patterned styles are unacceptable.


Hair must be neat, conservative, clean and in place throughout the day. Hair color must be a “natural color” defined as one that could be grown naturally (though not necessarily the employee’s natural color). Highlighted hair is to be well-blended and natural in appearance. Hairstyles should not be distracting, obtrusive or cover eyes; extreme styles are not permitted. No excessive gels or lotions in hair (hair must not look wet). Distinct weighted lines or shaven styles are not acceptable. Bangs must be above the eyebrow. Kitchen employees must wear hats or hairnets for sanitary purposes.


  • Acceptable hair accessories are a headband or hairband (not wider than one inch or 2.5 centimeters), a small bow, clip, barrette or ponytail holder.

  • Due to food service requirements, female servers must confine shoulder length or longer hair.

  • Hair accessories must be a solid color and match the uniform attire. Gold, silver or pearl barrettes are also acceptable. Trendy or faddish hair accessories including banana clip styles are not acceptable. Beads and trinkets are not permitted to be worn in the hair.

  • Buns, twists, bangs, etc. must not be higher than 3 inches or 7.5 centimeters from the top of the head.

  • Long hair must not fall across or into the face. Braids must not exceed a half-inch in width and must be styled close to the head (unless it is a single hanging braid or french braid) and neatly maintained.

  • Braids longer than shoulder length must be pulled back into one unit. Long braids must not fall across or into the face.  

  • Braided bangs must be pulled off the forehead if they touch the eyebrow.


  • Hair can be Collar-Length. If hair extends beyond the collar, it cannot be longer than one inch below shoulders and must be pulled pack at all times.

  • Beards, goatees and mustaches are permitted if neatly trimmed and maintained.

  • Mustaches must not extend below the upper lip

  • Beards may not exceed ½ inch and must be fully cultivated during time off.

  • Sideburns must not extend beyond the middle of the ear nor may they be flared in a “mutton chop” style.

Jewelry and accessories

Rings: A maximum of two simple rings on each hand is allowed for Ladies. Wedding/engagement sets are considered one ring. A maximum of one ring per hand is allowed for gentlemen. Thumb or toe rings are unacceptable.

Limited to no more than three professional bracelets Braided, string, fabric or cloth bracelets or necklaces are not acceptable.

Jewelry worn to raise awareness of a specific cause is not permitted.

Anklets and ankle bracelets are unacceptable.

Ladies with non-uniformed attire are permitted to wear one professional necklace. Extreme styles are not acceptable.

Ladies may wear brooches with non-uniformed attire. Ladies may also be issued a brooch to wear with their uniform.

A maximum of two pins may be worn with uniformed attire –employees may select from their Five Star Pin, Anniversary, Pin, or property Rating Pin, (i.e. the Mobil, or AAA Award Pins). From time to time, the Company may require you to wear an additional pin. Consult your Human Resources staff relative to which pins are to be worn.

Ladies can wear up to two earrings per ear however they may not be larger than a quarter (3/4 inch or 2 centimeters in diameter).If two earrings are worn in one ear, one must be stud-style. Small conservative style hoop earrings no larger than a nickel are also permitted. Dangling earrings or earrings that hang below the earlobe or move in any way, other than small hoop earrings listed above, are unacceptable. Extreme styles are not allowed. Men can wear one earring per ear; must be a small stud earring.

General Information

While these standards are not all inclusive, if you display an unprofessional appearance, you will be counseled. Our appearance and dress standards may change as the need arises. It is everyone’s responsibility to consistently meet the property’s Standards as well as the standards set forth in your specific department(s).

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